Podcast: Race and Social Justice


Dear friends,

I have so much to learn from Black and Brown women and their extraordinary experience, wisdom, and leadership.

Earlier this year, Thasia Awad, Dichele Parker, and Heather Nie generously invited me to join their MelaNation Healing Project Podcast to talk with them about race and social justice. Thasia asks refreshingly honest, hard-hitting questions, and I hope you enjoy this frank conversation. You can listen at this link.

Sincere thanks to these insightful, powerful women for their healing work and for trusting me to be part of it. May God energize us to seek deeper understanding, healing relationships, and justice in our society.

Yours with gratitude,


PS: Here are the questions we discuss:

  1. How did I get started in the work of healing and reconciliation?
  2. Why is understanding our history so important for race and social justice?
  3. Why is it so difficult to learn from the past?
  4. Has religion played a role in shaping injustices and become “an anchor around our necks”?
  5. Can spiritual crisis help us heal and grow?
  6. What do we need to learn from our history to move racial injustices?
  7. How can ethics energize healing and social justice?
  8. After devastation, how do we begin again in community healing and recovery?






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