A Delightful Memory, a painting by Lily DeCort

Announcing Lily’s Painting Website


Dear friends,

This is such a special Stop & Think for me to share with you. I’ve written before about my wife Lily’s journey of becoming a painter. Today I’m delighted to announce that Lily is now making her paintings available for purchase on her new website.


The home page of lilydecort.com

As a writer who works in words, the wordless power of Lily’s paintings has been deeply moving and enlivening to me. Each time Lily finishes another canvas, I experience afresh how her work communicates meaning and evokes presence in a way that bypasses words. Her paintings bathe the viewer’s consciousness in beauty. They open space for deeper feeling and cast mirrors for fresh reflection. They open windows for seeing and being seen in new ways. Peace and freedom, honesty and hope well up. This word-transcending, presence-opening quality in Lily’s paintings has been tremendously refreshing, healing, and grounding to me.

In recent weeks, I’ve shared a preview of Lily’s website with a few friends, and it’s been a delight to hear them describe a similar experience. One wrote, “I felt shook when I saw The Wounded Healer.” Another said, “I began to cry when I saw The Visitor.” Another friend wrote, “I audibly gasped when I saw Meadow’s Serenity, and Oceanic soothed me.” Another texted, “The website gives me chills just going through it!” Another friend told me, “When I look at Lily’s paintings, I want to encounter the world again.”

There may be no greater joy than sharing goodness with another person. It’s my great joy to share Lily’s work with you and invite you to experience its goodness for yourself.

The positive response to Lily’s first public collection has been incredibly encouraging. I’ve been thrilled to ship Lily’s paintings across the United States and the world already. Deep thanks to her first buyers!

Places Lily DeCort's paintings have gone

Thankfully, Lily has been painting prolifically, and many paintings remain available, including several that I see as Lily’s most striking work. If you’d like to make a purchase, you can contact her here or email Lily directly at lilydecortart@gmail.com.

I’ll stop writing and let Lily’s paintings speak for themselves. Thank you for sharing this joyous milestone with Lilyand me. I hope you’re refreshed and warmly invite you to share Lily’s website widely with others!

Yours with gratitude,


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