Recording My First Audio Book and Befriending My Body


Dear friends,

I was in D.C. last week recording the audiobook of Why Pray? Seven Practices for Flourishing on the Edge of Faith (updated title). This is an intense and time-consuming process, and I want to thank my producer Robert Winship and the entire BitterSweet team for their energizing excellence.

I believe our bodies are good and that we should befriend them. Paul wrote the beautiful question, “Don’t you know your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit?” (1 Corinthians 6:17). Ancient spirituality often taught people to ignore or idolize their bodies. Paul calls us to embrace our bodies as sacred homes to be cherished and cared for. I’m with Paul.  

But recording Why Pray? has given me a new window into how my body is still catching up with my belief. As I read my own book into the microphone, I discovered how little I know about my tongue, teeth, and lips. I talk every day and have recorded many hours of content. But my mouth is still surprisingly foreign to me. (Have you ever tried saying, “Red leather, yellow leather” ten times fast? It’s hilariously difficult but will help you ar-tic-u-late yourself!) 

Robert is teaching me to befriend my body and to embody what I believe through my own voice. I’ve loved hearing him patiently remind me, “Touch every one of your teeth with your tongue and expand your lips. Take a deep breath, stretch your mouth, and ease into the words. Begin when you’re ready.”

This is the first time that I remember having a sore jaw from stretching my mouth and reading aloud for hours on end. But I’m finding my voice.  

Thank you, Robert, for your gentle, precise, empowering leadership! I’m amazed by your expertise. 

We’re excited to share this book with you later this Fall. It will be available in paperback, audiobook, and digital formats. For updates, signup here.

How do you want to  befriend your body this week? 

Yours with gratitude,


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